DC Article series:‘STANDARDS OF GRAP' Implementation


Following questions arising from the new Standards of GRAP that became applicable to various entities in South Africa, it has become clear of the various challenges that lie ahead in the implementation of these additional reporting requirements. It is from this backdrop that Ducharme Consulting (DC) prepared implementation advice on these new Standards of GRAP through a summarised and practical manner through a series of articles.

We welcome any questions as to the practical implementation issues applicable to the Standards of GRAP. We are also able to present internal workshops on GRAP implementation issues.  

GRAP 103 Article “How to account for Heritage Assets in 2013 (GRAP 103)”

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GRAP 21 & 26 Article: “How to implement GRAP 21 and GRAP 26 on impairments"

For implementation assistance contact George Ducharme on 082 335 7319 or at gducharme@ducharmeconsulting.co.za.