SOP - Standard Operating Procedures


In support of financial management foundation and improvement, we can assist entities with strategic planning and governance support through:

• the development and institutionalisation of various financial management Policies, Practices and Standard Operating Procedures and implementation plans. This can range from revenue management (e.g. property rates / tariffs, allocations, credit control and debt collection), expenditure management (e.g. SCM, procurement, delegations), asset management and other financial management processes (governance and legal compliance, e.g. MFMA, PFMA, GRAP).

Gap analysis and risk assessment of current processes and procedures

• Compilation of illustrative walk-through files and flow-diagrams

Capacity building and workshop of Standard Operating Procedures and policies. This focus range from facilitation those who approve it (e.g. Council / Board), those who implement it (e.g. staff and / or agents) and those to who it applies (e.g. communities / role players) and those who exercise oversight (e.g. internal audit).


This include support with:

•        Compliance (GRAP such as AFS preparation) 

•        Asset Management (register compilations, asset verifications, condition assessments, valuations)

•        Performance Management 

•        Supply chain management 

•        Risk Management 

•        Committees: Council; Audit; Risk; MPAC

•        Revenue Enhancement 

•        Debt Management Improvement

•        Expenditure Management Improvement


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