Asset Verification application for moveable & infrastructure assets

In terms of asset verification and support, Ducharme's specialist team of engineers, asset technicians, chartered and professional accountants, have been in support to various entitties in support of their asset verification processes, be it in terms of immovable assets (such as buildings and land or the more technical matters such as infrastructure) and moveables (such as PPE). This is part of asset register reconstructions and review support as well as ad hoc asset related support, such as the reclassification as required by GRAP (e.g. heritage assets).

Ducharme Dynamic

As par of the Ducharme Dynamic E-Solutions, we also provide technological support to assist in a more effective manner in terms of asset verification and management, through the utilisation of mobile verification devices to capture data in the field whereby data can be exported to various formats e.g. excel in order to perform the additional calculations e.g. depreciation. The Ducharme mobile asset verification application (app) tool, which runs on both Android and iOS devices, is be easily scaled to tablets or phones, and the same code runs everywhere.


It provides for user management and access rights, hosted data, store & forward capability (no internet required – offline mode. Data is synchronised when internet available), Data export in compatible formats (excel, shape files etc.). This allows for real-time monitoring of asset workforce as part of a web management tool. In terms of asset information it provides for configurable asset hierarchy, GIS based / GPS coordinates and satellite map backgrounds. Asset specific details include date capture, such as Asset descriptors and details, map features, barcoding, Condition grades, photos (in support of condition assessment, expected useful life & identification of assets.

For more information, contact Ettiene Verster on everster<at> or +27 82 877 8811.