Compilation of GRAP compliant Financial Statements

This entails a process of planning and preparing the AFS according to an AFS preparation and procedures plan and form the basis for future planning of the AFS preparation route. During this course of action we ensure that all GRAP standards that need to be complied with are considered for inclusion in the AFS.

For the year ending 30 June 2013, there are six newly effective Standards of GRAP with which DC can assist in the implementation thereof:

  • GRAP 21 Impairment of Non-cash-generating Assets
  • GRAP 23 Revenue from Non-exchange Transactions
  • GRAP 24 Presentation of Budget Information in the Financial Statements
  • GRAP26 Impairment of Cash-generating Assets
  • GRAP 103 Heritage Assets
  • GRAP 104 Financial Instruments