Dynamic Revenue: e-solution for municipal revenue management

Ducharme Dynamic Revenue

Online municipal revenue management system

The effective running of a Municipality is an immense task and has increasingly become more difficult in the current economic environment. Optimised and maximised municipal revenue can also be a daunting task due to the fact that there is no easy way to compare datasets like:

  • valuation rolls,
  • billing data,
  • indigent registers,
  • prepaid meters and
  • property (deeds) information.


Comprehensive overview of interlinked municipal revenue data

In order to effectively manage revenue and ensuring all services are billed and billed correctly, the municipality should be able to a have comprehensive overview of the municipal services revenue process and underlying datasets.  An integral part of completeness of revenue is the ability to compare information between your valuation roll, billing system and owner (deeds) information to ensure data completeness and accuracy.  Ducharme Dynamic Revenue is a system that:

  • actively and continuous consolidates revenue datasets (and track exceptions) to identify potential areas where revenue can be optimised specifically for properties and services within your Municipal area; and
  • which through this maintained and up-to-date integrated revenue data set, our system provides for the automation of Municipal Rateable Valuation Reconciliations.

Ducharme Dynamic Revenue has been successfully utilised at over 30 Municipalities to assist in the assessment of the completeness of their revenue as well as clearing of revenue data exceptions.   


Continous & updated revenue support for incomplete / incorrect revenue data

Our support and system aims to assist municipalities in the following core challenges on continuous basis through the year (instead of at year-end or even after legislated reporting should have made), which impacts the timeous collectability and recovery of actual revenue debt owed to the municipality) to assist with the compound effect of incomplete / incorrect revenue data:

  • If all properties are not included in processing runs, the municipality will be unable to bill the respective owners.
  • If the rates based services are calculated incorrectly, the municipality will not be able to bill all the revenue.
  • If not all services are billed for complete set of all properties (or billed incorrectly), the municipality will not collect the debt from the debtors.


Other features for the online system

The system also allows for:

  • detailed revenue exception reporting and progress tracking
  • Automated rateable valuation reconciliations
  • Live link for bulk deeds updates
  • Revenue data visualisation & representation

For more information or demo

Please see our brochure for more details on the revenue system, please get in contact with our Philip Malan (079 779 7774 or pmalan<at>ducharme.co.za).