Ducharme Dynamic mSCOA Viewer e-solution

In our aim to assist South African Municipalities in improving their ability to comply with finance legislation and regulations, and in specific the Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA), Ducharme has developed the mSCOA Viewer e-solution. The Ducharme mSCOA Viewer provides for an integrated view and analysis reporting e-solution of Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA) financial information across the various mSCOA segments.

Our system is developed based on National Treasury’s mSCOA chart structure, allowing for it to understand segmental financial information it extracts from any mSCOA system that apply the National Treasury chart. The current version is updated per mSCOA Chart 6.3. Our cloud-based solution also allows for easy accessibility.

Because we understand the integrated nature of the various mSCOA segments and the impact thereof on management decisions and reporting, we have built-in predefined functionality:

  • to view mSCOA data across multi-segments,
  • to view mSCOA data across multi-periods, and
  • reporting to provide easier and faster access to this view for the key decision makers

Follow the link for the brochure for more information BROCHURE LINKducharme.co.za).

or alternatively contact our James Such (+27 76 402 6242 or jsuchducharme.co.za).