mSCOA impact on GRAP AFS

We have assisted various municipalities and professional bodies over the past few weeks and months with capacity building and technical support on the practical impact of the MSCOA as a compliance framework on the municipality's financial statements which are prepared GRAP reporting framework. Following from these sessions, we wish to communicate a few key elements for municipalities to consider as part of their GRAP AFS preparation processes, such as:

    > mSCOA impact on asset register and GRAP PPE disclosure (categories, depreciation, Repairs & maintenance, Work-in-Progress)
    > mSCOA Impact on Reporting of Expenditure on GRAP AFS
    > Restatements: Re-classification, Correction of error or Change in Accounting Policy.

Please find herewith a video link for this. Should you have difficulty in viewing this, please visit our website.

Should you require any GRAP AFS support pertaining to the mSCOA Year One disclosures and amendments applicable to the mSCOA transition, the impact on the asset register, audit working paper considerations and / or budgeting and costing element, please contact us to determine how we could be of assistance.