2017 Q4 Ducharme - mSCOA Year One open session


In December 2017, Ducharme will be hosting various one day mSCOA training sessions to Municipal officials and finance staff focussing on the first year mSCOA implementation challenges. The course provides for mSCOA lessons learned, mSCOA reporting (budget, S71 and AFS), an overview of the 15 businesses and mSCOA considerations on the GRAP AFS of the municipality:

  • mSCOA lessons learned Overview and suggested solutions for the practical MSCOA implementation challenges faced by municipalities.
  • mSCOA reporting This includes monthly reporting considerations and solutions, and overview of automation of MSCOA budgeting and Sec 71 Monthly reporting. Attending officials will receive free MSCOA Viewer.
  • 15 Business processes Overview of NT’s 15 core business processes as impacted by the 7 MSCOA segments. This includes practical challenges faced by municipalities, such as with the Business Process on Financial Accounting and AFS.
  • mSCOA impact on GRAP AFS We will specifically discuss the MSCOA Considerations to AFS Compilations for 2017/18 and challenges in compiling MSCOA compliant AFS. This includes MSCOA Current Year vs. Comparatives; AFS Reclassifications and Adjustments to accommodate MSCOA; How MSCOA can assist in automating AFS (Primary AFS Statements and Budget Statement, Notes to AFS, Appendices, etc.)

For more information about the year one mSCOA challenges, please also refer to the attached mSCOA article.

Municipal delegates attending the sessions will get a tailored version of our MSCOA Finance Database viewer 2018 which helps municipalities obtain a holistic view of your mSCOA data and interpret the mSCOA data strings in a user friendly manner. This will provide useful and more easily understandable management and financial information from the data strings and the allocations of your transactions per the 7 mSCOA segments. This viewer will be made available at no charge to the municipalities.

We have developed additional modules which allows for (i) automated Section 71 returns from these data strings as well as (ii) automated GRAP Annual Financial Statements.

“Understanding where you are on the mSCOA journey will help you to understand how far you still need to travel, what to expect and what your immediate priorities should be.”

Please find below the dates for these sessions below.

  • 4 December 2017 - Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • 4 December 2017 - East London, Eastern Cape
  • 7 December 2017 - Moorreesburg, Western Cape
  • 8 December 2017 - Worcester, Western Cape

Registration forms should be completed and submitted for all delegates to ensure attendance. Please note limited spaces are available. Please find attached herewith the link to the Ducharme 2017 Q4 mSCOA Open Session Registration document.

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