Ducharme mSCOA S71 and AFS automation

As part of our e-solutions, we have develop various tools and apps to assist municipalities with mSCOA, these include:

1• mSCOA AFS preparation tool for the automation of the Annual Financial Statements

2• mSCOA Finance Database / data string viewer (provided for free to municipality) for internal viewing of the data strings submitted to Treasury. This will assist municipalities to better understand the new charts (or updated charts as they are issued in the future) as well as for staff support (e.g. posting levels in terms of submitted data strings).

3• Section 71 reporting • mSCOA S71 monthly Reporter allows for automated monthly S71 reporting of the monthly transactions submitted to Treasury based on the information in the systems. • Assessment review and feedback on deficiencies in current data string • Where datastrings are not available, we can also assist with a custom solutions


For more details, please see the linked brochure mSCOA S71 and AFS automation or contact James Such, on 076 402 6242 or jsuch@ducharme.co.za