mSCOA Viewer & Budget Reporter

mSCOA Viewer

We have developed an mSCOA viewer to assist municipalities in managing and simplifying the understanding of mSCOA segments.

With the actual mSCOA Chart being just under 85,000 rows, and hence difficult to interpret and view as a whole, our viewer allows you to drill into each segment by clicking on the relevant segment, and then clicking on items within the segment until you will eventually reach the mSCOA Guid against which values can be posted.

It has been programmed that if a specific item is clicked/expanded, the previously clicked/expanded item will not close or regroup. This allows one to expand various sections and subsections in order to compare and interrogate the chart. Items will only be ‘Grouped’ again once an ‘Ungrouped’ item is clicked in order to close it.

Provision is made to indicate for each sub-selection whether Breakdown is allowed by NT, and it also indicates whether the relevant item that has been expanded is a posting level, or if you are required to continue expanding to reach a posting level. The Ducharme mSCOA Tool also provides for practical support for staff to interpret as well as customise the mSCOA structure in future. Given the flexibility of our tool, the sequence in which we compare the current chart of account to mSCOA can be adapted.

For more information or to request your free mSCOA viewer, please contact James Such, 076 402 6242 or jsuch<at>


In the absence of most municipal financial systems containing a MSCOA Budget Module, Ducharme has developed an MSCOA Budget Compilation Tool that has successfully been used to compile MSCOA Compliant Budgets.

This Tool may also be used to segmentise the budget transactions and assist in budgeting across the required 7 segments (6 prescribed). The resulting output provides an MSCOA Budget Data String that may be submitted to National Treasury, and furthermore be uploaded to the Financial System. Furthermore, the National Treasury’s required A-Schedule may also then be populated and prepared for submission

For more information, contact James Such on jsuch<at> or 076 402 6242.