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One of our passions include specialist public sector training and capacity building support within financial management, accounting and governance, whereby the focus is to improve the ability and capacity of the public sector entities to comply with all relevant finance legislation and best practice requirements. Our programme support ranges from update sessions (half-day), to core programmes (3 - 5 days) and extensive training (2 - 3 weeks).Ducharme’s experience in assisting public sector entities has evolved from the traditional face-to-face solutions to a blended approach which also provides for an electronic solution providing public officials access to training when and where they need it. Our e-learning platform ( has the following > Why Ducharme e-learning?

  • Expert Trainers: Since 2003, we assisted more than 100 different entities with tailored training and capacity building support. We have an excellent understanding of various accounting frameworks (GRAP, IPSAS, Modified Cash, IFRS) as well as Public Sector Financial Management.
  • Practical approach: We have presented programmes to entities (client direct approach) and on behalf of entities to specific parties (e.g. on behalf of South African National Treasury, the Auditor General of SA (AGSA), The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), the South African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA), The Institute of Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO), Gauteng Provincial Treasury, Mpumalanga Provincial Treasury, Free State Provincial Treasury).
  • Theory as foundation: Our learning approach is that the theory provides the building blocks upon which we add the practical discussions for the day-to-day implementation thereof. We are also actively involved to ensure that this foundation is continuously improved. Apart from our content development and research, we also sit on the Accounting Standards Board's Public Sector Technical Forum which actively meet and discuss the latest Public Sector Accounting Implementation issues.
  • Structured Learning: Our e-learning follows a hands-on approach, where a set time is provided for course completion. This is to guide delegates to progress in their learning, instead of a continuous postponement thereof.

Ducharme's e-learning is a flexible and accessible learning platform for public sector accounting, financial management and governance.

  • Flexible Learning: e-Learning allows for material and knowledge to be made accessible for learning at your own pace, in your environment of choice and at any time in your busy schedule.
  • More effective: e-Learning allows for time & costs to be managed more effectively. This is through reduction in travel time, venue and accommodation costs and related administration.
  • Online courses: As an alternative to in-house and classroom training, Ducharme Online offers various online courses so your learning can fit in with your lifestyle, subject to agreed learning parameters.
  • Facilitated sessions: Our e-learning makes provision for both recorded sessions by an expert, together with technical training material which can be accessed online, to allow for combination training.
  • Mobile access: Our platform allows for access to learning through a laptop, tablet or a smartphone which is connected to the internet.
  • CPD: Our e-learning also allows for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which can also be used as part of professional bodies' requirement for verifiable CPD hours.

 An introduction to our online e-learning portal ( introduction to our detailed GRAP e-learning programme: An overview on how to utilise the online e-learning portal: For more information, contact Daniel Erasmus on derasmus<at> or 072 258 1245.