Ducharme Article - mSCOA Transition

With all municipalities and municipal entities having to implement the Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA) by 1 July 2017, the new classification framework brings along many additional compliance and business transformation requirements. Please find herewith a brief overview of some of the practical considerations impacted by the 9 mSCOA work streams:

1. mSCOA steering committee (governance) / mSCOA project plan & risk registers
2. IT infrastructure and network (mSCOA circulars)
3. Verification of current vote structure to mSCOA vote structure & prepare annual budget on the structure / mSCOA audit trail & data transition audit logs
4. Data cleansing
5. HR & payroll (change management / update policies on demand management / logistics management)
6. Planning (IDP, Budget, SDBIP, Performance Management /mSCOA Vote & mSCOA Budget Structures ;
7. Core system and additional systems;
8. Real estate, land use and grant management; and
9. Document management

For more details, please follow this link: http://www.ducharmeconsulting.co.za/sites/default/files/2016%20Q1%20Duch...