2015 Q4 PFMA & MFMA Overview training

Ducharme Training Institute have develop overview public sector financial management courses on the Public Financial Management Act (PFMA) and the Municipal Financial Management Act (MFMA). Please find below aspects addressed during these 2 day courses:

Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) focus

  • Public financial management aspects
  • Departments and constitutional institutions versus public entities
  • Public financial management practices
  • Budgeting, planning, reporting and auditing arrangements of public entities in terms of the PFMA
  • Role of the executive authorities
  • Loans, guarantees and commitments
  • General treasury matters
  • Financial misconduct
  • Accounting standards board
  • Other PFMA arrangements


Municipal Financial Management Act (MFMA) training

  • Purpose of the MFMA
  • Object of the MFMA
  • Institutions to which the MFMA applies
  • Status of the MFMA
  • Constitutional provisions underlying the MFMA
  • Co-operative government
  • Role of the national treasury in municipal financial management
  • Municipal revenue
  • Municipal budgets and expenditure management
  • Municipal debt management and loans
  • Internal auditing
  • Supply chain management and public-private partnerships
  • General treasury matters
  • Resolution of financial problems
  • Financial reporting and auditing
  • Role-players and their responsibilities
  • Financial misconduct
  • Municipal entities
  • Municipal financial management practices derived from MFMA

Course Brochures & Registration forms

Please find herewith the PFMA / MFMA training course brochure and registration forms: PFMA / MFMA Training Brochure link.