Governance & Management Improvement

Based on our experience in local government finance and the matters related to it DC has developed a holistic process for and can offer an various solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the various management functions of your public entity. DC has experience in the following management functions such: risk management, asset management, revenue, management, expenditure management, supply chain management, IT, performance management, etc. DC also has software solutions related to many of these functions. Our tailored process and solution is based on a (a) review and assessment of your the applicable section of the management function, (b) skills training for your staff, (c) mentoring and coaching in the workplace to implement the applicable function, and (d) the IT solution.

Phase 1(a) – Review and assessment of the applicable Management Function (MF)

This process will be used to determine the current status of the MF and the level of maturity thereof within the institution. We will do a detailed review of the MF and assess it against relevant legislation, frameworks, best practice and NT guidelines. We will also report on how any weaknesses found in the MF can be improved. These weaknesses as well as strategic plans for improvement will be workshopped with relevant role-players of the entity.

Phase 1(b) – Revised and updating of the applicable Management Policies and Procedures (optional)

If necessary, the performance management policies and procedures of the entity can also be revised and updated.

Phase 2 – Skills training on the applicable management principles and practices

Training on the performance management principles and practices will be done based on the outcomes of the review and the assessment of the MF.

Phase 3 – Mentoring and coaching to implement and sustain the applicable management function

A process of mentoring and coaching will be used to entrenched the knowledge and skills obtained during the training and to provide advice on how to deal with issues in the workplace that can influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the MF.

Phase 4 – Training/Mentoring and coaching to implement the applicable management IT Solution (if available)

Once officials are applying the management principles and practices properly in the workplace they will be trained and coached to use our IT Solution to automate the applicable FM processes (where available).