Financial Accounting

Ducharme Consulting specialises in public sector accounting. We can assist and advise on the following:

Financial reporting and accounting

Compilation of GRAP Compliant Financial statements, GRAP Compliant budgets, GRAP compliant asset registers, etc.

Compliance & Controls

PFMA, MFMA, NT Regulations and the management functions applicable to the various public sector entities (such as the automation of controls).

Compilation, validation / verification & valuations

Reports and registers required in terms of the accounting frameworks and regulatory requirements. Such as moveable / immovable asset verification, employee headcounts verifications, valuation of assets, actuarial valuations, etc.

Toolkits / Analysis / Information

We can assist in the provision of toolkits to simplify and enhance financial processes (such as the DC GRAP Accounting Implementation Toolkit), or provide reports and advise on the analysed financial information (such as VAT reviews) or financial system (related to the financial processes, procedures, risk, controls, etc).

For further details, refer to the detailed services listed under this section.